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I, Philine Janssens (She/Her) began my career several years ago as a professional dancer working for the finest opera houses and dance companies. By experience, I know what nudity and exposure feel like. Without having had any traumatic experiences as such (I must admit I rather enjoyed performing nude scenes), I am aware of the dangers lurking: peer pressure, consent issues, shame, coercion, traumas, and power dynamics, to name but a few.


As a professional choreographer and movement coach I am a people person who knows how to guide, coach, and add value to a production. This combination of skills and experiences brought me seamlessly to my current position as an intimacy coordinator (IC).

Let’s be honest: the best performances and scenes are shot when the cast and crew are in the moment. This can only be achieved when everyone involved is informed, respected, and working as a team. Intimacy must be addressed and openly discussed, with a view to taking characters, narratives, and productions to the next level.

Rest assured, I can make myself scarce when necessary but can also be very ‘hands-on’ (no pun intended) when directors or actors need me to be so. Clarity and open communication are of the utmost importance to guarantee a safe working environment.

‘As a creative artist, I work closely with performers and directors, focussing on positive body image, sensuality, vulnerability, and credibility while fearlessly bringing in a wide range of expertise to fulfill the potential of each project.’  

Professional references are available on request.

Need professional solutions for your upcoming production?                         Go to my services page for more 

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