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Intimate scenes can be thrilling to watch, but shooting them smoothly is not a given. As a director or producer, let me ease your worries. With my know-how, we'll navigate the minefield of intimate scenes, get your stories told while keeping your team comfortable and safe.


Intimacy Coordinator



As a professional performer, choreographer, and movement coach for actors I took on the role of an intimacy coordinator before it even had a name. With years of relentless training, on-set work, research on power dynamics, consent, and sexuality. 


I'm a trusted professional who can help you navigate the intricate world of intimate scenes. Let's talk about your project's unique needs and how I can help you create compelling visual storytelling while prioritising the comfort and safety of all involved.




Intimacy coordination is young but vital. Thanks to the #metoo movement, the need to prioritize actors' safety on set took center stage. Since 2019, major production companies like HBO and Netflix have brought intimacy coordinators on board.


As Belgium's first intimacy coordinator and author of the Flemish Intimacy Toolkit, I'm leading the charge toward better industry standards.

Philine is the author of the Flemish intimacy toolkit

"Most film and television professionals will encounter intimate scenes at some point in their careers. Until now, the approach involved has been mainly through trial and error and trial and error. This approach..."


Download Flemish Intimacy Toolkit here

(Dutch version)

Screenshot 2023-06-10 at 12.57_edited.png

Philine is a full member of the Intimacy Practitioners' guild 

"The IPG is dedicated to ensuring there are suitably qualified Intimacy Practitioners working within the media, arts, and entertainment industry in Europe. Our members meet the standards set internationally for the intimacy coordinator qualifications."


When I heard you at the FF Gent I was genuinely surprised especially by your clarity , your remarkable expertise, your background as a choreographer and your enthusiasm

to coach cast and crew in a secure setting. I do believe you manage to elevate these very vulnerable scenes cinematically.

- Hilde Heijen (lecturer RITS) -


Philine always creates the necessary time and context to understand a project to the fullest and makes actors (and directors) feel safe when doing their job. For me as a producer, Philine is the person I go to with all my questions related to intimacy coaching and safety on set. Philine's job and mission can not be overestimated and we'll certainly work together on future project.

- Lize Lefaible (producer) -

(...) There was a lot of trust between her and the actors on the one hand, but also between her and the production team on the other hand. Her professional work ethic and good connection with the whole team resulted in us working together again for the second season of 2DEZIT.

- Koen Freson (producer) -

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