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Intimacy Coordinator


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Intimate scenes can be some of the most touching, exciting and/or troubling scenes of a film - be it a feature, a short film, an ad or a music video - but they can also be the most terrifying scenes to shoot.  

Are you a director feeling the pressure is on when you are working on an intimate scene? 

Are you a producer feeling the responsibility and the need to safeguard your team? Intimate scenes can be a minefield, but I have the solution and the know-how to protect your cast and crew from any discomfort. 

Want to know more about IC? Not sure what to expect?

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With a solid background and years of experience as a performer, choreographer, and movement coach for actors, I realised some years ago that I was already working as an intimacy coordinator without knowing this job had a name. 


Relentless training, on-set work and extensive research on power dynamics, consent and the more intricate aspects of human communication and sexuality have made me an experienced professional and therefore a reliable asset for your projects. 

No two productions are the same so let’s get together and talk things through.


Intimacy coordination is still in its early days.

Although research and development began quite some years ago (in the US and UK) the #metoo movement of 2017 propelled the need to professionalize the industry and to safeguard safety and wellbeing of actors on set to the forefront.


For me this new venture started mid-2019 and I can proudly say I am the first intimacy coach here, in Belgium.

Since 2019, HBO, Netflix, Channel 4 and many more broadcasting and production companies have requested the presence of intimacy coordinators on set. As the author of the Flemish Intimacy Toolbox I can only hope the European film industry will get inspired and follow the trend. Download the Intimacy Toolkit HERE.

Check my news page to find out about some of the latest trends and info on IC in Belgium and elsewhere.

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Philine always creates the necessary time and context to understand a project to the fullest and makes actors (and directors) feel safe when doing their job. For me as a producer, Philine is the person I go to with all my questions related to intimacy coaching and safety on set. Philine's job and mission can not be overestimated and we'll certainly work together on future project.

- Lize Lefaible -

It was fantastic to have someone next to me who dedicated all of her expertise to what we wanted
to convey. To each be creative from the same starting point in 'our own language' and to let it flow into an organic whole. An enormously educational experience that leaves you wanting more!

- Mattias De Paep -

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