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Currently working on

intimacy coordinator
Philine Janssens - Intimacy Coordinator

Filming / Planned


by Jeroen Dumoulein, Eyeworks, series (2023)


by Anke Blondé, Eyeworks, series (2023)


by Caroline De Maeyer, Sputnik, series (2023)


by Marie De Hert and Stig Junes, Poolhert, series (2023)


Ballad by Kirill Serebrennikov, Wildside, feature (2022-2023)


by Arnaldo Catinari, Citadel series, Amazon (2022-2023)

Liefdestips aan mezelf by Charlie Dewulf, Potemkino, webseries (2022)

Season of sex by Olympia Allaert, Hotel Hungaria, serie (2022)

2de Zit by Anthony Schatteman & Niels Sabbe, Sputnik, Streamz series (2022)

Täuschung by Tom Van Immerseel, short (2022)

Knokke Off by Tom Goris, Dingie voor VRT, Netflix (2022)

De club by Toon Slembrouck, de Mensen voor VRT (2022)

Wallyn, the Queer power rangers by Jan Wallyn, staged production, de Singel, 2022-2023

30 Appearances out of darkness by Arno Schuitemaker, staged production, Holland festival and tour 2022-2025

De Twaalf (season 2) by Kaat Beels, Eyeworks Film & TV Drama, Eén, series (2022)

Onder Vuur (season 2) by Joost Wynant & Jonas Baeckeland, Geronimo, series (2022)

Everybody loves diamonds by Gianluca Tavarelli, Wildside Italy, Menuetto film for AMAZON series (2021-2022)

Le Paradis

by Zeno Graton, Menuetto film, Tarantula, Silex Paris, feature (2021)

The Bad Guy by Giancarlo Fontana and Giuseppe Stasi, Indigo Films Italy, Menuetto film, for AMAZON series (2021)

​It's Hot in here by Frederike Migom, de Mensen, ad (2021)

The Honeymoon

by Dean Craig, Notorious productions, series (2021) ​

​Cool Abdoul by Jonas Baeckeland, Potemkino productions (2020)


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