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2022, Undeniably Sexy

For those wondering what I have been up to let’s just say 2022 has been an adventurous and fulfilling journey counting:

· 3 TV Appearances

· 6 Radio interviews

· 9 Articles

· 1 Toolbox

· 4 Masterclasses

· 3 Talks

· 2 Film Academies

· 1 Opera House

· 76 Students

· 2 Staged Works

· 11 Series

· 1 Short

· 1 Videoclip

· 1 Feature

· 4 Countries

· 17 Directors

· 100+ Actors

What's next?

2023 will start with a quick comeback on the thrilling set of Jeroen Dumoulein's Styx series, rehearsals with the talented Caroline De Maeyer (Ada), a talk and workshop at the exiting Festival du Film de Clermont-Ferrand (FR), a few drinks and premières at Film Festival Oostende and more.

I am looking forward to work, share, inspire, get inspired and to be blown away by the year ahead.

Are you working on a project as an actor, director, screenwriter, producer and do you have questions about intimate scenes and how to write, cast, rehearse, act or shoot them?

Do not hesitate to contact me.

More info:

Instagram: philinejanssens



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