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Professional line producer (Ukraine) looking for work abroad

Many people don’t know about this but, two months ago, day by day, I have had the honour to meet a great creative and technical team at the Mosfilm studios, Moscow.

I should have been back on the set several times since in order to coordinate beautiful intimate scenes, unfortunately, war happened, plans have changed.

I cannot say anything about the project or the people as I still hope we will one day finish this amazing feature film. However, I can say that I have met an inspiring line producer. She is Ukrainian and she still lives in Moscow.

Recently I reached out to her, asking if she was OK. She said she is living day by day, making ends meet. As soon as her private/family situation allows it, she wants to leave Russia. Understandably ‘living with the enemy is becoming unbearable’.

This post is a shout out to colleagues and friends working in the film/TV/Media industry.

Let me tell you, she has a brilliant mind, is highly professional, speaks English fluently and has unseen work ethics.

LinkedIn has been banned in Russia for several years now but if you have read this message and are looking to hire a new team member for your production company in Brussels, Antwerp or anywhere in Europe, US, Canada… give me a sign and I’ll put you through.



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