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Rome, my home away from home.

Since September I have also been working abroad, mainly in Italy. Back and forth to different sets for Amazon Series. Season 1 of The Bad Guy has already been completed. Last week I returned satisfied from shooting for Everybody loves diamonds. Both series are coming out next year and asked me as #intimacycoordinator on their set. Next trip is planned for February.

I am so lucky that I was able to be there on every scheduled shooting day so far. PCR test after PCR test, anxiously waiting to see if I would be allowed to appear on the set the next day (because, well, corona, eh). It became an autumn full of uncertainties where planning ahead was not an option, where projects remained pending, depending on so many factors that you could almost start crying when everything and everyone was actually brought together, that you were on the set, and that you could hear the redeeming words 'Action' or 'Girare' !

On such a set, you are not 25 but 100-150 people and this machine must keep running, the show must go on. Cast and crew, extras and crowd Marshalls, costume and make up, set dressers, electro team, SFX and oh so many runners, drivers .... You name it. Details of flights and hotels were mailed with 'revised script scenes 4.205 and 4.335 versions 3 and 5', revised planning v.3. Mood boards went back and forth... Keep tinkering, fine-tuning, magic happens in the monitors. I want more.



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